How Does Local SEO Work?

Generating conversions and sales for the local business owner using their keyword focused (local intent) optimized website, keeping visitors engaged with compelling content (marketing funnel), and building quality backlinks to drive traffic, while creating brand and social awareness (user experience). Actionable training, measurable results. Got a question?

6 Local SEO Principles..

.. we use to rank StreetWise SEO in the search engines


Deep Dive SEO Audit

Ranking 1st or 2nd place comes down to the details. A comprehensive technical audit of your website can reveal and identify weaknesses, keeping you in or out of the search engine's local SEO results.

Technical & Fundamental SEO

It takes these three SEO fundamentals working together to rank a website. Technical SEO (crawl-ability and index-ability), On Page SEO (content optimization), and Off Page SEO (website promotion).

White Hat Link Building

It begins and ends with quality links from authoritative websites that get your website and content ranked in search engines. Solid link strategies can make the difference between consistent traffic or the sandbox.

Keyword Research

Traffic is what it’s about. Targeted keyword research is a valuable skill worth learning. It’s about getting the right people at the right time with the right content, optimized to convert. Without proper keyword research, having the freshest content on the Internet will fail a website every time. Learn it, love it, apply it.

Content & Promotion

Ever heard the saying, “build it and they will come?” That can’t be further from the truth. Having the best content in the world without proper planning and promotion doesn’t guarantee anyone will see it. The key is in-depth keyword research, on-page optimization and targeted distribution channels.

Measurable Results

SEO is an ongoing process. Metrics such as keyword rankings, link acquisition, organic traffic and online conversions are what drive results. Analytics keep businesses in the loop and ahead of the curve. In short, see what’s working, how campaigns are performing and progressing, adding to the bottom line.

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